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CC Toolkits is a project to help organize the creative work about Creative Commons (CC), for others to take or remix to help share the importance of Creative Commons with others. This site is a place to find useful information, and communicate your experiences sharing CC.

So, what is a toolkit?

A set of basic components for developing a movement.

This site contains collections of content, curated by affiliates in the CC community. For our purposes, a toolkit is a collection of support resources for free culture advocates to share information about CC with a friend, or present on CC to an audience. Or just to have something on hand for personal reference, and for many other uses. It’s not always easy to come up with talking points or useful facts without some inspiration, so we’re improving our ability to share the effort. All of the content is digital, some are ready for print, and all are open and can be adapted into languages useful in your region.

CC toolkit curations are licensed CC BY 4.0 International, though individual pieces within a toolkit may be available under other CC licenses.

Need help with attribution? See the CC wiki for more information.

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